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John Waggoner at Little Estero Lagoon in Florida

The gallery section of my website is utilizing Coppermine Photo Gallery. This content managing system is highly customizable and allows for quick updates when uploading new pictures. There are also a lot of community added themes and addons that are all free. I have setup a custom theme which has been modified to include items that are not part of Coppermine to match the overall layout of my site. All the links in the top menu lead to a section of my Coppermine Gallery.

I have also setup several static web pages, which are along the left menu. These pages give information about myself, purchasing, printing, shipping, viewing pictures, and copyright details. Everything is based on a matching color theme, templates, and SSI to allow for easy modifications and updates.

I am using a program called DaDa Mail for the mailing list. So far the program seems to work well and I was able to setup a template so those pages matches my website theme.

I am using Nivo Slider for the slideshow on the home page. Nivo Slider is a jQuery plugin that has a lot of configuration options.

Currently I am using InMotion Hosting for hosting my website. I recently changed to them due to better pricing, so far I have not had any issue with them.

My previous website was all manual HTML coding. Every new gallery and picture was manually coded in, this just takes up way too much time. Utilizing a content management system just makes the whole process much easier. I am not a web designer or coder, but I have some programming/scripting skills. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on Coppermine or my website.