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Candice and John Waggoner under Mesa Arch

I have always had a love for nature. I find being out in the woods, in the mountains, or near water to be very inspiring. Lucky for me my wife feels the same. We spend as much time as we can photographing on nature trails, in parks and on preserves here in Michigan, and we travel outside of Michigan as much as we can.

For me, the love of wildlife photography really started when visiting the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. VINS is a rehabilitation center for birds of prey. Being up close to the birds and looking back at the pictures after the trip sparked my interest in wildlife once again.

My true passion of photography is with birds. I really enjoy the challenge of trying to capture them in their natural habitat. I always try to ensure that I do not cause any distress to the birds and of course adhere to this policy with all wildlife and all aspects of nature photography.

We have been lucky enough to travel to many places like Kenya, Brazil, and over a dozen National Parks and Forests across the U.S.A. I am making these pictures available so that others may see the beauty of these places as we viewed it.

One of my favorite locations to travel to is Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Yellowstone has it all; wildlife, mountains, waterfalls, and much more. While in Wyoming, another great location to photograph is Grand Teton National Park. Watching the sun come up on this mountain range is fantastic!

None of my pictures are of animals in a caged or captive environment; all subjects are wild in their natural habitat.