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Unfortunately it is impossible to ensure that everyone that views my website can view the pictures like I do. Every monitor displays colors differently, and some monitors are very bad at displaying colors out of the box. The brightness and contrast settings of your monitor can also have a large impact on how the picture is displayed on your screen compared to mine.

All of my displays have been calibrated with a hardware device to a gamma of 2.2. This is done to ensure that no matter what computer I edit pictures on, it will be displayed the same on all of them. Another reason that I ensure my montiors are calibrated is to ensure that when a print is made, it looks exactly like the image on my monitor. I do this to ensure that the end product that is sent out is a high quality print.

There is nothing that I can do about the difference in color tones on the monitors of guests to my site. The one thing that I do though is display a grayscale image at the bottom of all images when they are clicked on. The point of the grayscale image is to verify that you can see all of the tonal graduations in the scale. If you cannot see all the tonal graduations in the scale then your monitor is either cutting off dark tones or highlight tones. You can adjust the contrast and/or brightness settings on your display so that all tonal graduations are visible.

Grayscale Image